Selected presentations and Interviews

A selection of videos are available on Lars Jaeger’s Youtube channel (some with English subtitles):

 Youtube-Channel Lars Jaeger

Television Report (in German) in the Bavarian TC channel  zon March 8th 2022 talking about energy and climate (Lars Jaeger’s Book from Fall 2021)

TV show from March 8th  2022

Presentation at the German-American Institut on „Sternstunden des Denkens“ (in German) on March 16th 2021

DAI-Presentation on March 16th 2021

Video: Presentation by Lars Jaeger on the subject (in German)  Future Trends – Brave New World   at the Trend days Health in Luzern 2019, 28 March 2019

 Future Trends – Brave New World

Video: Presentation by Lars Jaeger entitled   Superpower Science – Our technological tomorrow between heaven and hell; Some spiritual consideration (in German) in the Humanistic Circle, Nuremberg, 5. November 2017

 Superpower Science

Presentation by Lars Jaeger on the relationship between quantum physics and Buddhist thinking


Presentation by Lars Jaeger on Superpower Science – Our future between heaven and hell

 Supermacht Wissenschhaft

Radio interview with Lars Jaeger about his book “Science and Spirituality” (in German)

 Radio Interview on the book “Wissenschaft und Spiritualität

Interviews by Lars Jaeger on his book “Superpower Science”

Selected interviews by Lars Jaeger on topics of hedge funds, alternative beta, and risk management.