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On intellectual integrity - The importance of social endorsement of the scientific method

I have written many times about the astonishing contradiction of our times that more and more people live a life in highest comfort, total safety and with an unprecedented degree of health into old age, and at the same time think that the state of the world is bad and getting worse. Both possess the […]

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A highlight of 20th century’s science - The confirmation of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity 100 Years ago

Equipped with data and analyses, a team of astronomers led by Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington stood in front of an overcrowded room at the Royal Society in London on the evening of November 6th, 1919 and outlined its measurement results. About half a year earlier their members had observed and photographed a total solar eclipse […]

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Lars Jaeger October 19, 2019 , 1

Will another old promise of science soon become reality? - News from research on nuclear fusion

The “Fridays for Future” demonstrations are reaching new climaxes, the coalition in Germany decides on a multi-billion climate package, and at the global climate summit in New York government representatives and CEOs of multinational corporations and their PR strategists are trying to make a name for themselves as well-meaning climate protectors. It appears that the […]

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Google's new quantum computer - Are we experiencing a Sputnik moment in information technology?

The quantum computer – a term that to most people seems to be as weirdly bizarre as excitingly futuristic is pushing its way into the sphere of public attention. It combines the technological omnipotence of digital computing with the awe-inspiring complexity and abstraction of the most important physical theory of the 20th century. It promises […]

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Daring more future - How we all benefit from technical progress

An amazing contradiction shapes our time. More and more people live a life with highest comfort, in almost total safety and with an unprecedented level of health into old age. At the same time, most people think that the world is in a bad state and that it is getting worse. One could say: heaven […]

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Lars Jaeger August 3, 2019 , 0

Yet again researchers bump into an ethical borderline: On the breeding a human-animal chimera for the purpose of creating substitute organs

The spectacular accounts from science and research do not break off. From increasingly powerful artificial intelligences, genetically modified CRISPR babies, new quantum technologies, prolonging life by modifying our genes, super-medicines, meat from 3D printers to miraculous nanomaterials – the reports about the rapid technological and scientific progress do not find an end. Philosophers, politicians and […]

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Lars Jaeger July 19, 2019 , 0

The moon landing 50 years ago – The immense possibilities arising upon science and politics having a mutual vision

The landing of the first humans on the moon on 20 July 1969 was one of the most moving moments of the 20th century and the television broadcast of the “Apollo 11” mission its first and largest global media event. Up to 600 million people worldwide watched Neil Armstrong taking his first steps on the […]

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Lars Jaeger June 28, 2019 , , 0

After the crash is before the crash - On crypto currencies, blockchain and Facebook’s new currency Libra

There is a ghost going around in the financial world, and this time it is not communism that is frightening the money establishment in Europe. The ghost today is called “crypto currencies”, and it threatens to turn the established power structures in the global financial industry upside down. Similarities with the communist manifesto are limited […]

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Lars Jaeger June 18, 2019 , 0

"Machines Like Me" – On Ian McEwan's new novel

Most readers of novels, and probably also their authors, barely understand the details of technological progress that is developing at breathtaking speed. There is a lot of discussion about new technologies, but few are able imagine how much we will be shaken up by them in the future. In 2006, the American researcher and Stanford […]

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Lars Jaeger June 6, 2019 , 0

Re-Design of the human being - What are we: Molecular genetic machines or autonomous individuals?

Considering the groundbreaking developments in genetic engineering in recent years, it is all too surprising that the new opportunities to bioengineers have not yet provoked a broader public debate. In concrete terms, as humanity we are facing what is probably the most important crossroads of the last 2’000 years: the appropriation of nature by man, […]

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