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Lars Jaeger February 7, 2018 , 0

The Quantum Computer – The Holy Grail of the Quantum Revolution 2.0

Every year, the amount of data we humans produce doubles. That means, in 2018 alone as many giga-, tera-, peta- and exabytes will come together worldwide as in the whole of human history until 2017. The background of this growth is that data, its collection and transfer are no longer bound to static computers. Smart […]

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Lars Jaeger January 28, 2018 , 1

Entanglement – From a bizarre and long misunderstood quantum phenomenon to a key technology of the 21st century

In 1981 the famous theoretical physicist Richard Feynman gave a widely praised speech in which he developed a thought that has kept physicists and engineers up on their feet until today. He designed the vision of an entirely new kind of computer that would make today’s high-powered computers look like a Commodore 64 from the […]

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Lars Jaeger January 15, 2018 , 0

From Big Data to Big Brother – Do we finally loose the control of our data?

In 1983 a single topic triggered the most intense discussion across the West German society: the scheduled population census. Every household in the country was supposed to fill out a questionnaire with 36 questions on the housing situation, the people living in the household, and their personal income. Hundreds of citizens’ initiatives throughout the country […]

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Beyond the bitcoin crash - What will be the lasting impact of crypto currencies and the blockchain technology?

A spectre is haunting the financial world. It is not as 170 years ago the spectre of communism that threatens the establishment in Europe. The ghost today is called “bitcoin”, and it threatens the entire power structures in the global financial industry. The similarities with the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are […]

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Lars Jaeger December 3, 2017 , 0

The Beginning of the Atomic Age - the first controlled nuclear chain reaction 75 years ago

It was first shown to be possible in Hitler’s Germany: splitting atomic nuclei. Under bombardment with neutrons of appropriate energy the nuclei of uranium atoms burst like drops of water and break into two parts (plus single neutrons). With 200 million electron volts, the energy of these fragments is much larger than any energy produced […]

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A European scientist - On the 150th birthday of Marie Curie

Right between the universally acclaimed 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the 28th of the fall of the Berlin Wall we find a somewhat less celebrated jubilee: the 150th birthday of one of the most important science personalities in history. Marie Curie, born on November 7, 1867, would be given insufficient justice by calling her […]

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Lars Jaeger November 8, 2017 , 1

“Origin” - Dan Brown’s latest thriller and the limits of naturalism

In his latest book Origin the popular American thriller author Dan Brown ventures once again far out into the realm of scientific speculation. This time he deals with the question about the origin of life on earth. Brown seems unwilling to settle for less. In the usual far-fetched manner his plots evolves around his protagonist […]

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Lars Jaeger October 22, 2017 , 0

Immortality – Will science declare victory over death?

It lives in the Mediterranean, bears the name Turritopsis nutricula, and is not much more than a floating watery jelly disk. But it has an amazing property: it is immortal (as long as it is not eaten). For this particular jellyfish has a cell program, which reverses the usual translation of young cells into differentiated […]

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Lars Jaeger October 6, 2017 , 0

A touch of Oscar night in the sciences - Commentary on the Nobel Prizes 2017

It is the time of the year again. The physics, chemistry, and medicine communities anxiously turn their heads to Stockholm. Who will be awarded the Nobel Prize this year thus lining up with the great figures in the history of science? Some scientists – unfortunately, this year it is again only men that were honored […]

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