Lars Jaeger January 27, 2019 , 1

Protect science! – The lack of intellectual integrity exemplified by a recent public discussion in Germany

The recent debate in Germany about the health consequences of air pollution, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides has shown how scientific research results can suddenly become the center of a heated political discussion. It was triggered by the publication of a position paper by Dieter Köhler, a pneumologist (lung researcher), and Thomas Koch, an engineer […]

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Globalization 4.0 - The World Economic Forum between the discussion of our technological future and the increasingly unbearable vanity of a dull global financial elite

“Every year once again” could be the motto of the event, which takes place at the end of every January in the tranquil Swiss alpine village of Davos. More than 3000 people, including many high power people from business, politics, culture, and academic research gather and discuss the state of the world. The mottos of […]

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The discussion about shaping technological progress using the example of artificial intelligence - On the latest proposals of the EU Commission's High Level Expert Group

It dawns more and more on many people that future technologies will likely not only change the nature around us, as they did in the past, but will soon also transform man himself. The possibility of a fundamental change in our biology, our psyche, our perception and our consciousness is already emerging. How we deal […]

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Lars Jaeger January 1, 2019 , 3

Caught between enjoyment of prosperity and fear of the future – Some more optimism at the beginning of 2019

Looking at the collective state of mind of modernity we witness an all too strange paradox: More and more people are living in incomparable comfort, in almost total safety, in best health all the way into old age, and are enjoying a living comfort that only a few generations ago was regarded as hopelessly utopian. […]

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