Lars Jaeger June 23, 2018 , 4

Exiting the comfort zone of absolute certainties - From quantum physics to today’s political populism

One may at times wonder whether Donald Trump does not a macroscopic quantum system. His intellectual, emotional, and general mental state is objectively not determinable. He lives, so to speak, in a superposition of willingness to talk and stubborn anger politics, social promises and super-rich-clientele lobbying, charm efforts and snotty brat-performances. Only the concrete interaction […]

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Lars Jaeger June 10, 2018 , 0

"The Tyranny of the Butterfly" - Frank Schätzing's new novel and how Artificial Intelligence and other super technologies threaten our way of life

Most people – including the vast majority of writers – hardly understand what is going on behind the curtain of the scientific stage. However, they feel that they are huge processes at play that affect our all future. It is this combination of intuitive sensing and non-knowledge, respectively non-understanding that causes great anxiety and uncertainty […]

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