Lars Jaeger March 25, 2018 , 3

Dressage of the democratic will - When computer algorithms determine the outcome of elections

The mechanisms of popular attention and outrage are not always easy to comprehend. Hardly incomprehensible is, however, that the business practice of the firm Cambridge Analytica provoke strong public reactions. The commentaries in print and online media are rarely as unanimous as in this case: Basic rules of democracy have been violated. Less understandable is […]

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Lars Jaeger March 15, 2018 , 0

Stephen Hawking – On the death of a scientific pop star

The physicist community mourns the death of Stephen Hawking, one of its greatest minds. A life that began in the midst of the deepest crisis of the 20th century and is unlikely to be surpassed in intellectual heights and at the same time physical suffering has come to an end. Stephen Hawking was the pop […]

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Lars Jaeger March 4, 2018 , 1

Science politics as a playground for party politics - On the new leadership of the German Ministry of Research

The grand coalition will come to reality in Germany. We will see the (re-)instatement of a government that has a good chance of being more successful than its reputation suggests. Thus the usual fighting for political offices, which always precedes the formation of a new government, finds its end. Ministerial positions are all too often […]

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Lars Jaeger March 1, 2018 , 3

Fear of the future - How science and new technologies are threatening our collective psyche

A remarkable paradox shapes our time: The technological progress enables us to live in unprecedented safety, enjoy the highest ever levels of health, and experience a quality of life no past generation has ever known. At the same time many people project a future in which everything we know is destroyed or even humanity as […]

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