Lars Jaeger January 28, 2018 , 1

Entanglement – From a bizarre and long misunderstood quantum phenomenon to a key technology of the 21st century

In 1981 the famous theoretical physicist Richard Feynman gave a widely praised speech in which he developed a thought that has kept physicists and engineers up on their feet until today. He designed the vision of an entirely new kind of computer that would make today’s high-powered computers look like a Commodore 64 from the […]

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Lars Jaeger January 15, 2018 , 0

From Big Data to Big Brother – Do we finally loose the control of our data?

In 1983 a single topic triggered the most intense discussion across the West German society: the scheduled population census. Every household in the country was supposed to fill out a questionnaire with 36 questions on the housing situation, the people living in the household, and their personal income. Hundreds of citizens’ initiatives throughout the country […]

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Beyond the bitcoin crash - What will be the lasting impact of crypto currencies and the blockchain technology?

A spectre is haunting the financial world. It is not as 170 years ago the spectre of communism that threatens the establishment in Europe. The ghost today is called “bitcoin”, and it threatens the entire power structures in the global financial industry. The similarities with the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are […]

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