Lars Jaeger June 25, 2017 , , 0

The battle for CRISPR - A technological revolution between the desire for scientific insight and capitalist utilization logics

Copyright battles for scientific discoveries are by no means occurrences of modern times. The most well-known dispute on intellectual ownership of a scientific finding took place more than 300 years ago: Newton’s struggle against Leibniz about the invention of calculus. But while the Newton-Leibniz priority dispute was about fame and glory and was fought with […]

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Lars Jaeger June 11, 2017 , 0

200 years bicycle – On the democratization of a formerly upper-class vehicle

Almost every person knows a form of transportation, which can been learnt in childhood and used by nearly everyone until old age: cycling. Whether one thinks of the athlete that places himself in the aerodynamically optimal position almost belly down flat on the frame or the elderly lady sitting comfortably upright on the bike seat, […]

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