Lars Jaeger April 30, 2017 , 0

A telescope as big as planet Earth – Will we soon be looking directly at a black hole?

Of the many bizarre things that theoretical physics has confronted us over the last 100 years, “black holes” are probably among the most peculiar. After Albert Einstein had formulated the basic equations of his general theory of relativity in November 1915, it took less than a year for the physicists to understand the dramatic consequences […]

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Lars Jaeger April 12, 2017 , 0

Symmetry breaks and asymmetries – yet another bridge between science and art?

In a recent article, the concept of “symmetry” has been suggested to serve as a rare discursive bridge between physics and the arts. While most of the ancient and modern art conceptions regard symmetry as an essential criterion of beauty, theoretical physics of the twentieth century discovered in it a grounding principle in mathematical disguise. […]

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