Lars Jaeger March 27, 2017 , 0

New quantum leaps - The second generation of quantum technologies

    Still a hundred years after its formation quantum physics offers abundant grounds for confusion among non-physicists – and sometimes even physicists. To understand it with our common sense proves practically impossible. The nature of the quantum objects with properties such as wave-particle dualism, superpositions of distinctly different states, measurements depending on the observer, […]

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Lars Jaeger March 6, 2017 , 0

Symmetry and beauty – A bridge between science and art?

A concept that moves scientists and artists alike and which seems to be suitable like no other to strike a rare discursive bridge between their two disciplines is the concept of beauty, in a narrower context “symmetry”. Most of the ancient and modern art conceptions regard symmetry as an essential criterion of beauty. Theoretical physics […]

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