Lars Jaeger August 20, 2016 , 0

Virtual reality and consciousness technologies - The new possibilities of brain-computer interfaces

Not just since the new Pokémon craze or the Gamescom exhibition seems virtual reality (VR) currently on everyone’s lips. Just a few weeks ago it had already been the topic of this blog. We thus saw that an important philosophical insight from our experience with VR is that the mental image of ourselves (what the […]

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Lars Jaeger August 6, 2016 , 0

Science in the transformation of society, society in the transformation of science - On the demands and expectations on modern science

“There is a tendency to forget that the entire field of science is closely bound to the whole of human culture and that any discoveries outside its cultural frame are meaningless. A theoretical science that not is aware of that (…) will inevitably be cut off from the rest of the cultural community.” So wrote […]

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