Lars Jaeger June 19, 2016 , 0

Georges Lemaître and the Big Bang - When a priest corrected Einstein's worldview

The excitement was great when in February this year researchers at the international LIGO Virgo Collaboration announced that for the first time they had directly measured gravitational waves. Now they managed to do so for the second time. And again praises are dedicated to Albert Einstein, who in his greatest stroke of genius formulated the […]

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Lars Jaeger June 2, 2016 , 0

Genetics between almightiness and nightmare - CRISPR and the future of the human genome

“In the beginning was the Word. Thus it doth say! Here I’m balked! Who’ll help me onward? “ So Goethe makes his protagonist Faust speak in face of the first words in John’s Gospel. They refer, of course, to the eternal Word of God in creating the world and all of life. Modern science, in […]

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