Lars Jaeger May 19, 2016 , 2

Quantum computers – The next revolution in the information technology of the 21st century?

An expression that to most people sounds as scary and bizarre as exciting-and futuristic increasingly makes its way into the sphere of public attention. It combines the apparent technological omnipotence of digital computing with the awe-inspiring complexity and abstractness of the most important theory in 20th century’s physics: the word is out on the “quantum […]

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Lars Jaeger May 9, 2016 , 0

The origins of modern information technology - On the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon

One feature that is appreciated by only very few people, is conceitedness. Who thinks too highly of him- or herself is considered arrogant and detached. And quite often arrogance comes in combination with ignorance, which then makes a particularly unpleasant appearance. The German language refers to this feature as “Einbildung”. In contrast the Latin version […]

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