Lars Jaeger April 27, 2016 , 0

The end of Moore's Law - What will drive progress now?

It is considered a fundamental law and landmark of the digital revolution: Moore’s Law. In 1965, a few years after the invention of the integrated electronic circuit, the semiconductor pioneer and later co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, claimed that the number of components on an integrated circuit per area unit will double each year. He […]

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Lars Jaeger April 17, 2016 , 0

The lame walk again - On biblical miracles and modern neuro-technologies

In Mark 2: 1-12 (Mt 9: 1-8, Lu 5: 17-26) we read the biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth healing a lame man: “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home. He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all”. What for two millennia has been […]

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Lars Jaeger April 7, 2016 , 0

"Creatio Ex Nihilo" - a modern cosmological views on a millennia old philosophical problem

“In the beginning was the Word. Already I am stuck! And who will help afford?” Thus does Goethe let his protagonist Faust speak, who while working to translate the biblical text is asking in despair about the beginnings of the world. After several desperate attempts to understand the text, the medieval scholar finally believes to […]

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