Lars Jaeger March 14, 2016 , 0

One seemingly small step for mankind, one giant leap for artificial intelligence - Computer beats the World Champion in the ancient game of Go

Although on March 13 the newspapers took little or no notice of it, preferring to focus on the economic problems of Swiss hydropower operators, the crude idea of extreme rightwing Christoph Blocher to subsidize nuclear power plants, or the doping confession of a Russian tennis glamor girls, what happened the day before truly made history. […]

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Lars Jaeger March 3, 2016 , , 0

Discussion among economists – On the permanent underestimation of technological and scientific progress

Recent observers of discussions among economists have been able to notice a by no means insignificant shift that has developed within the spectrum of opinions on the part of the experts on economic questions which often displays a diversity (even with respect to fundamental questions) that natural scientists find rather difficult to get used to: […]

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