Lars Jaeger October 25, 2015 , 0

The Mountains are in labor and bring forth a mouse - First results of the Blue Brain Project

A few days ago one of the most ambitious science projects of recent years published its first major result – “finally” some would say. The “Blue Brain Project”, a major part of the “Human Brain Project”, which was confidently and loudly advertised by its initiator Henry Markram a few years ago, has for the first […]

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Lars Jaeger October 8, 2015 , 1

Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 - Neutrinos and the perspectives for a new physics

“Dear Radioactive Ladies and Gentlemen” – were the addressing words of a letter Wolfgang Pauli wrote to his colleagues at a gathering of physicist in Tübingen in December 1930. Therein Pauli outlined a new idea, which he considered too immature to publish it directly. It was about the so-called “Beta-Minus Decay”. In this radioactive process […]

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Lars Jaeger October 7, 2015 , 0

An upcoming technological revolution based on a 100-year old, but still not broadly understood physics - The second generation of quantum technologies

100 years ago, physicists were finally ready to tackle a question that goes back to ancient times: “Detect the inmost force which binds the world, and guides its course”. It was the very question about the smallest fundamental particles from which everything is made. At the end of this phase, around the year 1925, stood […]

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