Lars Jaeger July 18, 2015 , 1

Where opposites - hopefully - not quite collide as strongly any longer - From reductionism and holism to "contextualism"

In discussions on the theory and philosophy of science the heat can quickly reach elevated levels, especially in those taking place at cocktail parties after 10pm between scientists and those who display a lesser degree of appreciation for the sobriety and rigor of the scientific method. At the center of the controversy then often lies […]

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Lars Jaeger July 5, 2015 , , 0

Science and politics in the climate debate - Clash of two problem solving cultures

These days we read of yet another appeal by prominent scientists concerning the issue of climate change. At the 2015 annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau more than 30 laureates signed a statement in which they call upon the nations of the world to tackle the issue of climate change more decisively. Quite contrary to […]

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