Lars Jaeger June 20, 2015 , 1

Search for a non-human form of intelligence - From "SETI" to "Super-intelligence"

In the 80s, the science fiction novel “Contact” fascinated millions, and when in 1997 the movie based on it was released, it quickly became a blockbuster. The theme of Carl Sagan’s fictional work is mankind’s first contact with an alien intelligence: After humans receive via electromagnetic signals a message by an extraterrestrial intelligence entailing instructions […]

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Lars Jaeger June 7, 2015 , 2

An update on the climate debate - New confusion in old data

Those of us less educated in geoscience may find it difficult to keep track of the variety of aspects within the global climate debate. The last news from geo-science is likely to lead to more confusion than clarity: The measured slowing of global warming since 1998, which has troubled climate researchers and models in the […]

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