Lars Jaeger May 27, 2015 , 0

John Forbes Nash - Death of a beautiful mind

The mathematical and economics communities mourn the death of John Nash, for both one of their respective greatest minds. A life that had begun in the midst of the great crises of the 20th century and which had born more intellectual highs and lows than hardly any other found its tragic end in an event […]

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Lars Jaeger May 16, 2015 , 0

The beginning of modern medicine 150 years ago - Louis Pasteur and the germ theory of diseases

Even those who hold a rather skeptical views on the achievements of modern science and technology can barely imagine a life without modern medicine. Neither that 150 years ago surviving many infections was a matter of luck, and many of today’s seemingly harmless childhood diseases were fatal because the doctors were just not able to […]

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Lars Jaeger May 2, 2015 , 0

The beginning of a new age? - Genetic engineering in the human hereditary line

At first there were only rumors, but they were sufficient to bring a number of the most prominent biochemists in the world together for a pledge, the type of which we rarely ever receive from scientist: a call for self-restraint (see blog from March 29 2015). A pledge as dramatic as this one might have […]

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