Lars Jaeger April 18, 2015 , 1

What holds the world together at its heart - on atoms, shunyata and quantum fields

It is well known that the origin of (Western) philosophical thinking lies in ancient Greece. 2500 years ago the first philosophers, instead of describing the world as a playground for gods and supernatural powers, began to consider natural causes for what is happening in the world around them. Thereby they immediately focused their attention on […]

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Lars Jaeger April 12, 2015 , 0

On "climate skepticism" and modern metaphysics - How we can identify global connections and dependencies in an event 200 years ago

The year 2015 comes with numerous anniversaries, the 200th anniversary of the Congress of Vienna, 70 years after the ending of World War II, to the 25th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain. Switzerland celebrates the battles of Morgarten, 1315, and Marignano, 1515 (which in this country triggers some rather strange historical reflections), […]

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