Lars Jaeger March 29, 2015 , 1

We need philosophers again - On the responsibility of future science

Those who begin their university studies in the subject of philosophy, often face questions like “What kind of job do you think you will later be able to get with such a degree?” Or even: “Maybe you should start taking your taxi driver’s license exam alongside your studies?” Although the prospects for professional philosophers have […]

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Lars Jaeger March 21, 2015 , 2

Now it gets really exciting - the new LHC and the prospect of a new physics

We are not used to associate the word “suspense” with modern physics. In general, physicists are considered to be sober, barely excitable contemporaries. Strong emotional outbursts are rather the exception in their community. One of those we were able to witness on July 4th 2012, when the European Nuclear Research Centre CERN, home of the […]

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Lars Jaeger March 14, 2015 , 0

On big promises and its consequences - money, egos, and politics in neuroscience

In international politics, depending on your perspective, a drama, a comedy or a tragedy is currently unfolding. A country that after many years of cronyism of its leaders has been saved from bankruptcy by hundreds of billions of euros of public money from its European partners after having made extensive promises and given far reaching […]

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Lars Jaeger March 8, 2015 , 0

Fast and slow thinking - on anecdotes and evidence-based knowledge

It is hard to believe that in a highly developed country like Germany infants die of measles, a disease for which there has been an effective and compared to the infection itself, which especially for adults can come with severe symptoms, almost risk-free vaccination for decades. However, especially in supposedly educated classes we can sometimes […]

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