Why upon the inexplicable in nature we do not have to ask for a higher being (any longer)

The relatively simple structure of the fundamental equations of physics, as found in Newton’s equation of mechanics, Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism and Schrödinger’s and Dirac’s equations in quantum mechanics, respectively quantum field theory, suggests that the processes in nature can generally be well calculated and predicted. Physicists have therefore long believed that simplicity is the […]

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The stone and Rosetta - A flair of moon landing

It does not happen too often that a scientific event makes it into the headlines of the daily press. As fascinated as in the prime times of the Football World Cup we have been in the last few days following the touchdown of “Philae”, the landing device of the spacecraft “Rosetta”, on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko […]

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Dancing on a volcano - Extreme events can be quantitatively assessed and reliably judged upon

Nuclear energy comes with residual risks that even the soothing assurances of the nuclear industry cannot completely hide. As unlikely a nuclear disaster after considering the mathematics of probability may be, voices are growing louder that refuse to rely on mathematically quantified model calculations for probabilities as the basis for the public debate on nuclear […]

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