Lars Jaeger October 18, 2014 , 0

The amazing promises of science - nuclear fusion once again

A joke that almost every physicist no matter what age has known since the day of his studies deals with the promises made by nuclear fusion. It constitutes the most promising technology of the future – and would maintain this status forever. Already for 60 years the plasma physicist have articulated the hope that in […]

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Lars Jaeger October 9, 2014 , 0

The same procedure as every year - a touch of Oscar night for scientists

It is the time again. Like every year in early fall the winners of the Nobel Prizes were announced this week. The physics, chemistry, and medicine communities look out to Stockholm. Who will be awarded the prize this year thus lining up with the great figures in the history of science (the same applies to […]

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Lars Jaeger October 2, 2014 , 0

Beyond what quantum physics can explain

“Quantum Healing: Works immediately – everybody can learn it” – who has not yet been confronted with slogans like this? In particular, to those who place themselves a little closer to the esoteric scene, such statements will sound familiar. Following this phrase there is then much talk about miraculous healings and other fascinating things with […]

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