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Lars Jaeger October 8, 2015 , 1

Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 - Neutrinos and the perspectives for a new physics

“Dear Radioactive Ladies and Gentlemen” – were the addressing words of a letter Wolfgang Pauli wrote to his colleagues at a gathering of physicist in Tübingen in December 1930. Therein Pauli outlined a new idea, which he considered too immature to publish it directly. It was about the so-called “Beta-Minus Decay”. In this radioactive process […]

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Lars Jaeger October 7, 2015 , 0

An upcoming technological revolution based on a 100-year old, but still not broadly understood physics - The second generation of quantum technologies

100 years ago, physicists were finally ready to tackle a question that goes back to ancient times: “Detect the inmost force which binds the world, and guides its course”. It was the very question about the smallest fundamental particles from which everything is made. At the end of this phase, around the year 1925, stood […]

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Homo naledi - an entirely new perspective on human evolution?

The term “Breaking News” will by now be widely familiar even to the non-English-speaking news audience. With almost nerve wrecking frequency is this expression used whenever something – sometimes more, sometimes less – dramatic happens in the world. Barely a day passes without us hearing or reading about some “Breaking news” from somewhere. But “Breaking […]

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Contradictions between the two great theoretical buildings of modern physics - On the phenomenology of black holes

Of the many bizarre things theoretical physics has confronted us with in the last 100 years, “black holes” are certainly among the most peculiar. After Albert Einstein had formulated the basic equations of his general theory of relativity in November 1915, it took less than a year, until the physicists realized what dramatic consequences for […]

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Lars Jaeger August 22, 2015 , 0

A real "game changer" - superconductivity at room temperature

In the recent x years, our world has changed more dramatically than in any other comparable long period of human history. Any number greater than 25 for the variable “x” would make this statement true. And we can quickly name why that is: Because of the natural sciences and the technologies that spun out of […]

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Lars Jaeger August 9, 2015 , 1

Science and Ethics – On physics losing its innocence 70 years ago

It is rare for physicists to pay a great deal of attention to an historical discussion or anniversary. In these early days of August 2015, this is different. They and many other people commemorate the 200,000 people killed in one of the most controversial military operations in history – and many more in the following […]

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Lars Jaeger August 1, 2015 , 0

Future key technologies and the experts’ concerns – On the evolutionary dynamics of the scientific-technological progress in the case of AI

When scientists feel inclined to make a public appeal, we are well advised to listen carefully. Only a few months ago, the two renowned science journals “Science” and “Nature” printed two such statements, each by leading bio-scientists calling for a legislative framework around the latest technological possibilities to manipulate the DNA in human embryonic cells. […]

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Lars Jaeger July 18, 2015 , 1

Where opposites - hopefully - not quite collide as strongly any longer - From reductionism and holism to "contextualism"

In discussions on the theory and philosophy of science the heat can quickly reach elevated levels, especially in those taking place at cocktail parties after 10pm between scientists and those who display a lesser degree of appreciation for the sobriety and rigor of the scientific method. At the center of the controversy then often lies […]

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Lars Jaeger July 5, 2015 , , 0

Science and politics in the climate debate - Clash of two problem solving cultures

These days we read of yet another appeal by prominent scientists concerning the issue of climate change. At the 2015 annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau more than 30 laureates signed a statement in which they call upon the nations of the world to tackle the issue of climate change more decisively. Quite contrary to […]

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Lars Jaeger June 20, 2015 , 1

Search for a non-human form of intelligence - From "SETI" to "Super-intelligence"

In the 80s, the science fiction novel “Contact” fascinated millions, and when in 1997 the movie based on it was released, it quickly became a blockbuster. The theme of Carl Sagan’s fictional work is mankind’s first contact with an alien intelligence: After humans receive via electromagnetic signals a message by an extraterrestrial intelligence entailing instructions […]

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