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Lars Jaeger March 14, 2015 , 0

On big promises and its consequences - money, egos, and politics in neuroscience

In international politics, depending on your perspective, a drama, a comedy or a tragedy is currently unfolding. A country that after many years of cronyism of its leaders has been saved from bankruptcy by hundreds of billions of euros of public money from its European partners after having made extensive promises and given far reaching […]

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Lars Jaeger March 8, 2015 , 0

Fast and slow thinking - on anecdotes and evidence-based knowledge

It is hard to believe that in a highly developed country like Germany infants die of measles, a disease for which there has been an effective and compared to the infection itself, which especially for adults can come with severe symptoms, almost risk-free vaccination for decades. However, especially in supposedly educated classes we can sometimes […]

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Open Science - On new ways of communication and scientific hygiene

On July 5, 1687 one of the most important books in the history of Science was published, the Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica by Isaac Newton. Already more than a year earlier, in April 1686, had the work been presented to the Royal Society, which had finally agreed on 30 June of that year to publish […]

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The ordinariness of the revolutionary - How scientific developments enable us to take a brief look at a possible future

Recently the Japanese Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ announced that it would soon start testing a humanoid robot in customer service in order to cope with the expected increased flow of foreign customers during the Olympics in Tokyo in five years time. Almost simultaneously the computer entrepreneur Bill Gates articulated his concern about the developments […]

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Lars Jaeger February 8, 2015 0

Research behind the walls of a monastery - Where genetics originated 150 years ago

The regular readers of newspapers know that major scientific breakthroughs receive nowhere near the level of public interest enjoyed by such events as the presentation of the new iPhone, the discussions around the complacent posturing of a newly elected Greek government, or the annual rendezvous of a self-proclaimed world’s elite in Davos. And this even […]

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Lars Jaeger January 25, 2015 0

Neuroscience - A science on its way to adulthood

While very few naturalists and philosophers of antiquity ascribed an important function to the brain (for Aristotle it was no more than a cooling device for the blood), it stands at the center of much of the scientific endeavor to understand the nature of us human beings today. Yet for much of the 20th century […]

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Lars Jaeger January 10, 2015 , 0

The future of Science - The future of our society

Over the past 500 years our world has changed more dramatically than in any comparable period in human history. It is one intellectual force that is largely responsible for this: the development of the natural sciences. In a short period of only a few hundred years, their findings have fundamentally changed human life and our […]

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Science and Truth - a common misconception

Anyone dealing with science and its findings sooner or later faces a term that has its roots in philosophy, and even its original discipline has never been able to exactly determine its actual meaning: “truth”. But also in everyday use, we surprisingly often encounter this term in relation to science: “checked scientifically”, “as scientific studies […]

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New progress in one of the "big questions" – The latest on the attempt to explore the origins of life

One of the “big questions” of humanity is the question of how life originated on our planet. Until well into the 20th century, scientists have hardly dealt with this question, as they had considered it outside their scope. But with the Darwinian theory of evolution in the second half of the 19th century and its […]

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Science and aesthetics - Why the scientific search for truth is also a search for beauty

Since the beginning of recorded time we ask about the true essence of things and the world. We are thereby over and over again awed by the beauty of nature and the diversity of its forms. Albert Einstein called the thus occurring sense of mystery “the most beautiful thing we can experience. It is the […]

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