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Scientists as canaries in the coal mine - Turkey taking a fatal exit

Anyone who devotes his life to scientific research and its achievements will today struggle with a notion which has its origins in philosophy, whose home discipline however has never been able to determine exactly what it refers to: the notion of “truth”. For the sciences teach us the dynamics of a constant questioning of the […]

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Politics and post-factualism - What Trump means to science

If you are reading blogs like this one and are interested in the rich and sometimes joyous discourse of the sciences, it is likely that the result of the US elections last week has created a similar mixture of shock, anxiety, grief, shame, and disgust for you as it has for the author of these […]

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Lars Jaeger October 14, 2016 , 1

A touch of Oscar-Night - The 2016 Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine 2016

At the beginning of October it was that time of the year again. The physics, chemistry, and medicine communities had all their eyes on Stockholm. Who is going to be awarded the highest science prize this year and thus line up with the great science figures in history? The same is true for politicians and […]

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Lars Jaeger October 11, 2016 , 2

The eternal discussion about nuclear power - Old wine in new bottles

It is becoming increasingly difficult to open up the problems of science and its technological potentials to the general public. And yet it is essential that they are part of the democratic dialogue in an open society. However, they show such rapid and complex dynamics that their characteristics are not only removed from the intellectual, […]

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Lars Jaeger October 2, 2016 , 0

Science and Spirituality – On differences and similarities

When it comes to deeper knowledge or insights, a successful life, or even wisdom, the natural sciences find themselves in a rather difficult spot in broad public perception. Whoever is looking for vital joy, seeks to explore the mysteries of the world, or seeks erudition and understanding is more likely to browse through books on […]

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The great disillusionment - Nothing but the Standard Model at the LHC so far

The excitement among physicists was enormous, when on July 4th 2012 the CERN announced that a new particle had been discovered: the Higgs boson. For once the international newspapers were full of reports on fundamental research in particle physics. Finally the so called “standard model” had received a solid foundation and was thus complete. At […]

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A new era? – On the final recognition of human influence on the global climate

The “International Geological Congress”, which since 1878 takes place every three to five-years, normally does not create a great deal of public attention. The importance of that meeting for the lives of the vast majority of our contemporaries ranks somewhere between the annual meeting of the US Wrestling Federation and the congregation of the Ornithologists’ […]

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Lars Jaeger August 20, 2016 , 0

Virtual reality and consciousness technologies - The new possibilities of brain-computer interfaces

Not just since the new Pokémon craze or the Gamescom exhibition seems virtual reality (VR) currently on everyone’s lips. Just a few weeks ago it had already been the topic of this blog. We thus saw that an important philosophical insight from our experience with VR is that the mental image of ourselves (what the […]

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Lars Jaeger August 6, 2016 , 0

Science in the transformation of society, society in the transformation of science - On the demands and expectations on modern science

“There is a tendency to forget that the entire field of science is closely bound to the whole of human culture and that any discoveries outside its cultural frame are meaningless. A theoretical science that not is aware of that (…) will inevitably be cut off from the rest of the cultural community.” So wrote […]

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Lars Jaeger July 21, 2016 , 0

Alterations of our consciousness, avatars and virtual worlds - From manipulating our mind to changing our phenomenal self-perception

For years, scientists as well as technology firms have proclaimed the imminent emergence of a technology that promises to have a massive impact on our daily lives: virtual reality (VR). Companies like Facebook and Sony spend billions of dollars to play with a new kind of reality – and this is to be taken literally, […]

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