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Lars Jaeger July 9, 2017 , 0

On mathematics and gender politics - Emmy Noether: Pioneer of abstract algebra and modern theoretical physics

Anyone who takes a closer look at the history of mathematics quickly realizes that only male geniuses seem to ever have worked in this field. Whether the “Princeps mathematicorum” Carl Friedrich Gauss or the Swiss Leonhard Euler, whether Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, or David Hilbert, whether Pythagoras, Archimedes, Euclid, Fibonacci, or al-Chwarizmi, in the […]

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Lars Jaeger June 25, 2017 , , 0

The battle for CRISPR - A technological revolution between the desire for scientific insight and capitalist utilization logics

Copyright battles for scientific discoveries are by no means occurrences of modern times. The most well-known dispute on intellectual ownership of a scientific finding took place more than 300 years ago: Newton’s struggle against Leibniz about the invention of calculus. But while the Newton-Leibniz priority dispute was about fame and glory and was fought with […]

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Lars Jaeger June 11, 2017 , 0

200 years bicycle – On the democratization of a formerly upper-class vehicle

Almost every person knows a form of transportation, which can been learnt in childhood and used by nearly everyone until old age: cycling. Whether one thinks of the athlete that places himself in the aerodynamically optimal position almost belly down flat on the frame or the elderly lady sitting comfortably upright on the bike seat, […]

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Lars Jaeger May 29, 2017 , , 0

The proximity of simplicity and chaos – On the essence of linear and non-linear dynamics

It is a nightmare for pond owners: From one week to the other the water becomes cloudy and opaque, on the surface forms a green algae carpet, it stinks terribly, and the fish swim belly up. And yet just a short while ago everything was okay with the water. What happened? The pond ‘tipped over’. […]

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Lars Jaeger May 16, 2017 , 0

"Never Ending Stories" – On mutual structures in scientific and spiritual searching

One of the most interesting questions in both the natural sciences and philosophy deals with the nature and essence of time. Here we see ourselves confronted with a remarkable dichotomy: the chronology of everyday life is almost entirely based on recurring cosmic and earthly processes, the daily course of the sun, the monthly cycle of […]

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Lars Jaeger April 30, 2017 , 0

A telescope as big as planet Earth – Will we soon be looking directly at a black hole?

Of the many bizarre things that theoretical physics has confronted us over the last 100 years, “black holes” are probably among the most peculiar. After Albert Einstein had formulated the basic equations of his general theory of relativity in November 1915, it took less than a year for the physicists to understand the dramatic consequences […]

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Lars Jaeger April 12, 2017 , 0

Symmetry breaks and asymmetries – yet another bridge between science and art?

In a recent article, the concept of “symmetry” has been suggested to serve as a rare discursive bridge between physics and the arts. While most of the ancient and modern art conceptions regard symmetry as an essential criterion of beauty, theoretical physics of the twentieth century discovered in it a grounding principle in mathematical disguise. […]

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Lars Jaeger March 27, 2017 , 0

New quantum leaps - The second generation of quantum technologies

    Still a hundred years after its formation quantum physics offers abundant grounds for confusion among non-physicists – and sometimes even physicists. To understand it with our common sense proves practically impossible. The nature of the quantum objects with properties such as wave-particle dualism, superpositions of distinctly different states, measurements depending on the observer, […]

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Lars Jaeger March 6, 2017 , 0

Symmetry and beauty – A bridge between science and art?

A concept that moves scientists and artists alike and which seems to be suitable like no other to strike a rare discursive bridge between their two disciplines is the concept of beauty, in a narrower context “symmetry”. Most of the ancient and modern art conceptions regard symmetry as an essential criterion of beauty. Theoretical physics […]

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A march for science - the scientific method itself enters the political arena

Our conventional idea of political demonstrations is that either the politically oppressed, people who consider themselves as economic underdogs, or those who commit themselves strongly to a particular politic cause meet in order to express their displeasure about their situation or the state of world. University professors and scientific staff have hitherto less likely been […]

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