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Lars Jaeger July 9, 2016 , 0

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - The dawn of Modernism in natural philosophy

The ranks of the polymaths are only very sparsely filled in our times. Rather, whoever claims in the 21st century to be at the forefront of multiple scientific discipline, is likely to receive nothing more than a sympathetic smile by his contemporaries. Too complex and too diverse are the many various fields of today’s science, […]

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Lars Jaeger June 19, 2016 , 0

Georges Lemaître and the Big Bang - When a priest corrected Einstein's worldview

The excitement was great when in February this year researchers at the international LIGO Virgo Collaboration announced that for the first time they had directly measured gravitational waves. Now they managed to do so for the second time. And again praises are dedicated to Albert Einstein, who in his greatest stroke of genius formulated the […]

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Lars Jaeger June 2, 2016 , 0

Genetics between almightiness and nightmare - CRISPR and the future of the human genome

“In the beginning was the Word. Thus it doth say! Here I’m balked! Who’ll help me onward? “ So Goethe makes his protagonist Faust speak in face of the first words in John’s Gospel. They refer, of course, to the eternal Word of God in creating the world and all of life. Modern science, in […]

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Lars Jaeger May 19, 2016 , 1

Quantum computers – The next revolution in the information technology of the 21st century?

An expression that to most people sounds as scary and bizarre as exciting-and futuristic increasingly makes its way into the sphere of public attention. It combines the apparent technological omnipotence of digital computing with the awe-inspiring complexity and abstractness of the most important theory in 20th century’s physics: the word is out on the “quantum […]

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Lars Jaeger May 9, 2016 , 0

The origins of modern information technology - On the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon

One feature that is appreciated by only very few people, is conceitedness. Who thinks too highly of him- or herself is considered arrogant and detached. And quite often arrogance comes in combination with ignorance, which then makes a particularly unpleasant appearance. The German language refers to this feature as “Einbildung”. In contrast the Latin version […]

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Lars Jaeger April 27, 2016 , 0

The end of Moore's Law - What will drive progress now?

It is considered a fundamental law and landmark of the digital revolution: Moore’s Law. In 1965, a few years after the invention of the integrated electronic circuit, the semiconductor pioneer and later co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, claimed that the number of components on an integrated circuit per area unit will double each year. He […]

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Lars Jaeger April 17, 2016 , 0

The lame walk again - On biblical miracles and modern neuro-technologies

In Mark 2: 1-12 (Mt 9: 1-8, Lu 5: 17-26) we read the biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth healing a lame man: “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home. He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all”. What for two millennia has been […]

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Lars Jaeger April 7, 2016 , 0

"Creatio Ex Nihilo" - a modern cosmological views on a millennia old philosophical problem

“In the beginning was the Word. Already I am stuck! And who will help afford?” Thus does Goethe let his protagonist Faust speak, who while working to translate the biblical text is asking in despair about the beginnings of the world. After several desperate attempts to understand the text, the medieval scholar finally believes to […]

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Lars Jaeger March 14, 2016 , 0

One seemingly small step for mankind, one giant leap for artificial intelligence - Computer beats the World Champion in the ancient game of Go

Although on March 13 the newspapers took little or no notice of it, preferring to focus on the economic problems of Swiss hydropower operators, the crude idea of extreme rightwing Christoph Blocher to subsidize nuclear power plants, or the doping confession of a Russian tennis glamor girls, what happened the day before truly made history. […]

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Lars Jaeger March 3, 2016 , , 0

Discussion among economists – On the permanent underestimation of technological and scientific progress

Recent observers of discussions among economists have been able to notice a by no means insignificant shift that has developed within the spectrum of opinions on the part of the experts on economic questions which often displays a diversity (even with respect to fundamental questions) that natural scientists find rather difficult to get used to: […]

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