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Lars Jaeger March 6, 2017 , 0

Symmetry and beauty – A bridge between science and art?

A concept that moves scientists and artists alike and which seems to be suitable like no other to strike a rare discursive bridge between their two disciplines is the concept of beauty, in a narrower context “symmetry”. Most of the ancient and modern art conceptions regard symmetry as an essential criterion of beauty. Theoretical physics […]

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A march for science - the scientific method itself enters the political arena

Our conventional idea of political demonstrations is that either the politically oppressed, people who consider themselves as economic underdogs, or those who commit themselves strongly to a particular politic cause meet in order to express their displeasure about their situation or the state of world. University professors and scientific staff have hitherto less likely been […]

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Lars Jaeger February 1, 2017 , 1

The dilemma of modern science - Much worldly power, little spiritual meaning

In the eyes of many people in the second half of the twentieth century science had encountered a real epistemological and identity crises. If concepts like fields and waves, invisible forces (gravity) and movements, heat and entropy had already had the character of the bizarre and incomprehensible for non-physicists in the nineteenth century, these concepts […]

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Lars Jaeger January 19, 2017 , 1

Trump and science - A conflict of principles

Last year the Pan-American Health Organization declared measles as officially eradicated on the American continent. It is the fifth vaccine-preventable disease to obtain this status (besides smallpox, poliomyelitis, rubella, and congenital rubella syndrome). This is the result of comprehensive vaccination campaigns against measles, rubella and mumps, which have been carried out in the Americas for […]

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Lars Jaeger January 1, 2017 , 0

The Bayesian spirit - Science, spirituality and the shaping of our future

The theoretical physicist Richard Feynman once stated: “Religion is a culture of faith, science is a culture of doubt.” This sentence contains quite some intellectual explosives. For, upon closer examination, it describes a new relationship between science, religion and spirituality. The first and the last in that list can then be generally recognized as an […]

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Beyond what quantum physics can explain

“Secret Quantum Healing: Applying Quantum Physics to the practice of healing and self-healing”: This slogan is just one of many jingles of great promises in the esoteric scene. Finally, it is possible “to make the exciting parallels between spirituality, medicine and quantum physics available to a broader public”. There is talk of no less than […]

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Scientists as canaries in the coal mine - Turkey taking a fatal exit

Anyone who devotes his life to scientific research and its achievements will today struggle with a notion which has its origins in philosophy, whose home discipline however has never been able to determine exactly what it refers to: the notion of “truth”. For the sciences teach us the dynamics of a constant questioning of the […]

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Politics and post-factualism - What Trump means to science

If you are reading blogs like this one and are interested in the rich and sometimes joyous discourse of the sciences, it is likely that the result of the US elections last week has created a similar mixture of shock, anxiety, grief, shame, and disgust for you as it has for the author of these […]

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Lars Jaeger October 14, 2016 , 1

A touch of Oscar-Night - The 2016 Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine 2016

At the beginning of October it was that time of the year again. The physics, chemistry, and medicine communities had all their eyes on Stockholm. Who is going to be awarded the highest science prize this year and thus line up with the great science figures in history? The same is true for politicians and […]

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Lars Jaeger October 11, 2016 , 2

The eternal discussion about nuclear power - Old wine in new bottles

It is becoming increasingly difficult to open up the problems of science and its technological potentials to the general public. And yet it is essential that they are part of the democratic dialogue in an open society. However, they show such rapid and complex dynamics that their characteristics are not only removed from the intellectual, […]

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